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3/8 in. SDS-Plus Mortar Knife

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Diablo’s SDS-Plus Mortar Knives deliver extreme durability and stability when removing mortar in vertical joints of brick and block. A unique heat treatment process strengthens the steel body to withstand the stress of high-powered hammer drills and the impact of removing mortar. The precision plunge tip accurately plunges deep into mortar for superior efficiency. Featuring a sharp, straight edge, the tapered knife cuts away mortar with speed and ease. Optimized for maximum performance in corded and cordless SDS-Plus rotary hammers.

Extreme durability and longer life in removal of mortar between brick and block
A unique heat treatment process strengthens the chisel for impact resistance and stability
Precision plunge tip for superior efficiency
Sharp, straight edge removes mortar with speed and ease
Maximum performance in cordless and corded SDS-Plus rotary hammers

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