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4-1/2 in. Diamond Segmented Turbo Masonry Cut-Off with X-LOCK arbor

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4-1/2 in. Diamond Segmented Turbo Masonry Cut-Off with X-LOCK arbor

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Diablo’s diamond segmented turbo rim masonry cut-off discs provide extreme durability, minimal downtime, increased productivity. These diamond segmented turbo rimmed discs with taller segments deliver 4X longer cutting life versus a standard diamond cut-off discs. The disc’s industrial-grade diamonds with hardened disc body delivers lasting durability and maximizes cutting quality in hardened materials even in extreme applications. Designed to be backwards compatible, these discs work with X-Lock angle grinders and 7/8 in. arbor angle grinders.

60% taller segments containing superior quality diamonds along with an ultra durable bond to the disc body for up to 4x longer life.
Hardened disc body absorbs vibration and increases impact resistance to deliver superior quality cuts in hardened materials.
Diamond segment SPEED-Edge slot design reduces vibration, providing high cutting speeds that deliver up to 30% faster cuts than standard segmented diamond discs.
Optimized diamonds segments and diamond distribution lead to constant diamond exposure for maximum performance in high speed cutting applications.
Backwards tool compatible. Designed for use on X-Lock and 7/8 in. arbor angle grinders
No extra parts needed to attach to X-Lock grinder
Simply snap onto or pull lever to release from X-Lock grinder
Max RPM of 13,280

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