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4-1/2 in. Diamond Tuck Point Blade for Masonry

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Diablo’s diamond Tuck Point blades provide extreme durability, minimal downtime, increased productivity in mortar joint removal. Featuring an integrated dual blade design that “sandwiches” two blades together, separated by a washer, for ultra-fast material removal in mortar joints. The disc’s industrial-grade diamonds with hardened disc body delivers lasting durability and maximizes cutting quality in hardened materials even in extreme applications.

Integrated Dual Blade Design for mortar joint removal at the ultimate speed
Hardened disc body absorbs vibration and increases impact resistance to deliver superior quality cuts in hardened materials
Optimized diamonds segments and diamond distribution lead to constant diamond exposure for maximum performance in high speed cutting applications
Compatible with 7/8”, 20mm and 5/8” arbors
Includes two bushings: 20mm and 5/8”
For dry cutting only
Max RPM of 13,280

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