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9 in. 180 Grit (Fine) Drywall SandNET™ Discs (5-Pack)

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9 in. 180 Grit (Fine) Drywall SandNET™ Discs (5-Pack)

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Diablo’s SandNET™ drywall discs with reusable sanding technology are the most advanced sanding sheets on the market with up to 10x longer life versus standard sanding discs. Each SandNET™ disc features a clog-reducing nylon NET design coated in a premium ceramic blend grit for fast material removal while reducing material build-up. These innovative discs are the premier solution when seeking ultra-smooth finishes when sanding drywall, mud and plaster from medium to large surface areas. The SandNET™ design is easy to clean and reuse multiple times by simply shaking, vacuuming, or rinsing the sheet to remove any pitch build-up.

Fine grit for light stock removal and final sanding preparation before paint
Clog-reducing NET design for less dust build-up and up to 10X longer sanding life
Premium ceramic grain blend for fast material removal and extra-long sanding life
Reusable technology, simply shake, vacuum, or rinse and reuse
5 SandNET™ discs = 50 standard sandpaper discs
For sanding medium-large surface areas
Ideal for power drywall sanders and pole sanders

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Removing minor imperfections and initial sanding between paint/stain coats