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1/3 Sheet (9 in. x 3-2/3 in.) 150-Grit (Fine) Sanding Sheet (10-Piece)

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1/3 Sheet (9 in. x 3-2/3 in.) 150-Grit (Fine) Sanding Sheet (10-Piece)

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Diablo’s premium sanding sheets include break-through innovations that improve performance, extend sanding life and increase productivity. Featuring a premium aluminum oxide blend, these discs remove material faster and offer extra-long sanding life than other sanding discs. Clog-SHIELD™, Diablo’s own blend of grinding agents, reduces loading thus maximizing productivity. The superior grain bonding system, ENDURA-BOND™, provides Diablo’s sanding discs with longer life and extreme durability. These sanding sheets are ideal for hand sanding or orbital sanders.

Fine grit for light stock removal and final sanding preparation before paint
Premium aluminum oxide blend for fast material removal and extra-long sanding life
Clog-SHIELD™ reduces pitch build-up and clogging
ENDURA-BOND provides superior grit-to-backing bond for extreme durability
Ideal for hand sanding or 1/3 sheet orbital sanders

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Removing minor imperfections and initial sanding between paint/stain coats