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2 in. Dia. SPEEDemon™ Self Feed Bit

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2 in. Dia. SPEEDemon™ Self Feed Bit

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Diablo’s new SPEEDemon™ 2-cutter Self Feed Bits are designed to strict tolerances in the heat forging manufacturing process resulting in energy efficient drilling with up to 2X life per battery charge. Diablo Self Feed Bits 2-cutter design and an aggressive low thread count feed screw deliver up to 2X more holes per charge. The replaceable feed screw features a pull out stop mechanism that prevents the screw from slipping out when the bit is removed from the material. The combined innovative engineering of Diablo Self Feed Bits make them the ideal choice for making holes up to 2X faster in soft woods.

Precision Heat Forged 2-Cutter Head made from premium steel on fully-automated equipment delivers quality and consistency for smooth drilling and up to 2X longer life & 2X more holes per battery charge
Aggressive Low Thread Count Feed Screw prevents pitch build-up for hi-performance cuts and up to 2X faster hole making
Feed Screw with Pull Out Stop design prevents the feed screw from slipping out when the bit is removed from the material
Includes replacement feed screw and Allen key

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Drilling in clean wood